• Life Around the Circle

    A social publication for the residents of Circle C.

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  • Life Around the Circle

    A social publication for the residents of Circle C.

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About Us

Your Stories. Your Photos. Your Community.

Circle C boasts a sound foundation of pride and community on which we all can grow stronger and more meaningful connections. If you happen to be asking yourself, “Why a new publication for Circle C?”, that’s my answer. “Life Around the Circle” will be all about Circle C and the amazing people, our neighbors, who have wonderful stories to tell. You and your fellow Circle C residents will be the writers and the source of our great stories. Throughout the endeavor to bring this project to life.

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Circle C Businesses

Thank you to our sponsors.

This section makes finding a business sponsor easy, and these businesses are proud to partner with the city in making the newsletter possible. If you have had a beneficial experience with any of them, please help us thank them by emailing your experience to dave@lifearoundthecircle.com so we can recognize them in the publication
Life Around the Circle

Family Spotlights.

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    Group Tower

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    Scandinavian Villa

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    Visitor Center

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    Office Interior

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Life Around the Circle

Index of Neighborhood Sponsors.


Interior Design


This section has been created to give you easier access when searching for a trusted neighborhood vendor to use. These local businesses are proud to partner with you and make this magazine possible. Please support these businesses and thank them for supporting Circle C.

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Design Project of the Year: The Arc


Hiring an Executive Architect


Group Tower


Interior Concept:
Elephant Office